Knitting Pattern

To make your Trauma Teddy you will need:

  • 1 pair size 11 knitting needles
  • Double knitting wool in four different colours plus black for the face. The head and paws should preferably be a brown or fawn colour. The scarf should be brightly coloured. Please try to make your teddy with colours that are neutral so they can be given to a girl or a boy.
  • Stuffing – please only stuff your teddy with polyester or another healthy padding. Foam rubber is NOT recommended.

To make the teddy:

Cast on 10 stitches in the main colour you have chosen for the paws. Knit 10 rows.

Change to the trouser colour and continue in garter stitch for 30 rows.

Repeat the steps above to make another leg.

Knit across all 20 stitches and work 16 rows.

Change to jumper colour and knit 24 rows.

Change to main colour for the head. Change to stocking stitch and continue until this section measures 5 ½ inches (14cm).

Change to jumper colour and knit 24 rows.

Continue knitting the remainder of your teddy in reverse order (trousers then feet).

Stitch down the sides of the head (inside out).

With jumper colour, pick up 8 stitches either side of the neck join (16 in total) and knit 20 rows.

Change to the main colour and knit 10 rows for paws.

Sew up your teddy, leaving an opening in the crotch.

Turn right side out and sew diagonal top corners for ears before stuffing.

After stuffing, run a thread through the knitting around the neck to draw it in.

Sew a happy face and for mouth use either stem stitch or back stitch.

To make the scarf:

Cast on 75 stitches.

Knit 4 rows and cast off.

Tie the scarf on your teddy the back of the neck, close to the jumper edge. Don’t sew down at the front.

Safety Guidelines

These simple guidelines explain the design requirements for hand-made trauma teddies. In order to comply with recommendations provided by Police Scotland Legal Department and to ensure good Health and Safety practice, we request that all donations of teddies adhere to the following guidance:

  1. Donations must be hand-knitted and meet the pattern specifications provided.
  2. Teddies must not include buttons, zips or anything else which could be accidentally or forcibly removed.
  3. Seams must be securely fastened. Should access be gained to any fibrous filling material within the teddy through a seam, this may present a choking risk if swallowed. Seams should be tension-tested to ensure they are as secure as possible.

You can also download the Stonehaven Trauma Teddies Knitting Pattern here.

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